Graduate Student Clubs

Student clubs and organizations keep you involved with campus life – a vital part of the Smith experience. Participating in the many opportunities for learning and achieving that exist everywhere at Smith will change your perspective, your focus – even your life.

MBA Association

The MBA Association (MBAA) coordinates 19 student-run groups. Its focus is to build a sense of community by providing Smith MBA students opportunities to interact through social and career development activities held throughout the year. The MBAA relies on Smith MBA clubs as well as contact with professors and alumni to help students strengthen skills, define their career goals, and develop a solid network of professional peers.

  • Asian MBA Association
  • Black MBA Association
  • Data Analytics & Technology Club
  • Emerging Markets Association
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Graduate Marketing Association
  • Healthcare Business Association
  • Human Capital Association
  • International MBA Association
  • Jewish MBA Association
  • Latin MBA Student Association
  • MBA Consulting Club
  • Net Impact
  • Professional Communications Club
  • Smith Association of Women MBAs
  • Smith MBA Finance Association
  • Smith Pride Alliance
  • Smith Vets Club
  • Supply Chain & Operations Club
Asian MBA Association

Asian MBA Association (AMBAA)


Our mission is to create and provide a community dedicated to helping Asian MBA students in adapting themselves into America as well as to facilitate exchange/exposure of eastern cultures with the wider community including, but not limited to, other business school students.

Board Members

Luhan Tang, President 
Wei-Hsuan Chiang, President 
Akira Miwa, VP of Marketing 
Eric Liu, VP of Professional Development 
Kazuki Noda, VP of Event Management 
Muhtar Fauzy, VP of Finance 
Nat Tangpipith, VP of External Relations 

Signature Events

DC Asian MBA Networking

This event will create a network and connection among AMBAAs in the MD/DC/VA region, co-hosting with Georgetown, GWU and Johns Hopkins full-time MBA programs. We are hoping to increase attendance and extend our presence in the DMV area.

Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner

This event promotes one of the most important holidays in East Asia, the Mid-Autumn Festival. Held at the beginning of the school year, students enjoy traditional Asian cuisine, learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival history through cultural games and activities.

International Week

A grand and spectacular exhibition of authentic international food, performances, and cultural showcases to increase cross-cultural awareness within the Smith community. AMBAA will plan a week-long of events, co-hosted by the IMBAA and LAMBASA, to educate students on different cultures.

Career Trek to local Company

This event is to connect alumni who are working in the D.C. area and to provide additional opportunities to network and find a career for students, co-hosted with the DATC club. AMBAA will identify a number of potential alumni who will either be able to enable the career trek or participate in a panel event.

Black MBA Association

Black MBA Association (BMBAA)


The National Black MBA Association® leads in the creation of educational opportunities and economic growth for Black professionals. We are committed to making an impactful and sustainable difference in the communities in which we work and serve through:

  • Innovative Programs that stimulate intellectual and economic growth
  • Partnerships with key stakeholders who help facilitate this growth
  • Increased awareness and access to graduate management programs and career opportunities in management fields

Board Members

Ariel Bouie, President
Kalonji Sutherland-Madhere , Executive VP
Montrelle Green, VP of External Affairs
Chris Kootin-Sanwu, VP of Finance
Kimberley Camps, VP of Marketing 
Jesse Moore, VP of Diversity & Inclusion

Signature Events

Afro-Latino Culture Night

A celebration of the Afro-Latino Diaspora that is used to highlight the contributions of those from the African and Latino Diaspora. A night with food, fun and exposure to the different cultures that make up Smith!

Black Enterprise Fireside Chat

This event is to highlight those of African American decent who have found success in the business world. This event is used to inspire Smith students and allow them to gain insight from industry leaders.

William H. Bradford Diversity Banquet

Sponsored by the Black MBA Association and the Latin American MBA Student Association, the event aims to celebrate the life of William H. Bradford, the first African American Dean of the Smith Business School. This event also celebrates diversity through an awards ceremony for students.

Data Analytics & Technology Club

Data Analytics & Tech Club (DATC)


Our mission is to develop the analytical and visualization skills of Smith students through the sharing of knowledge.

Board Members

Eric Liu, President 
Justin Ellis, VP of Finance 
Evan Shields, VP of External Relations 
Hideaki Shimizu, VP of Marketing 
Rashmi Jayanth, VP of Marketing 
Fatia Kasumu, VP of Marketing 

Signature Events

Lynda Series

The Lynda Series will be led by board members on a recurring basis as a “book club”-esque function where members will get together and share on a specific topic ranging from advanced excel to Tableau.

Speaker Series

Through our alumni network, we will bring in speakers that can bring insights into how data analytics impact their every day life. There is a wide range of speakers that we have hosted in the past, ranging from product management to supply chain revenue management.

Training Courses

Experts will be brought in to share knowledge about various systems, such as Tableau, SQL, R, Python, and Advanced Excel. To follow up on these courses, we will have Lynda series to keep students engaged.

Consulting & Data Analytics Super Day

This event will include a keynote and alumni reception to meet the alumni. In the past, mock case interviews were led by alumni. Students will have a chance to practice case interviewing and receive feedback.

Career Treks

Treks will be centered around top companies in the DMV area, providing further engagement between students and possible functions not just at the company we would trek to, but similar functions at other companies.

Networking events

These events will feature alumni, key industry contacts, MBAs from other schools, and Part-time/EMBA/OMBA students at Smith. Events can be centered around outdoor activities or team building activities that actually build relationships.

Emerging Markets Association

Emerging Markets Association (EMA)


We are comprised of both domestic and international students with interest in, or experience with, the Emerging Markets. In addition to our primary focus on geographic emerging markets, the EMA also works to instill students with the crucial mindset and global perspective that is increasingly necessary in an ever-connected world.

Board Members

Nazat Dowla, President
Juan Alvarado, VP of Internal Relations
Gery Brownholtz, VP of Finance
Inci Kipcak, VP of External Relations

Signature Events

Emerging Markets Forum Case Competition

EMA will host a case competition with emerging markets clubs from other MBA programs in the area. The judges will be from both industry and academia.  Participating MBA teams will be provided the case in advance and asked to provide a recommendation based on financial, strategic and political factors.

Emerging Markets Career Trek

EMA club members and other interested MBA students will take part in a career trek to learn more about careers with international organizations to do with trade, finance and economic development.  Target organizations include the following:  Inter-American Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, International Finance Corporation.

Emerging Market Forum Reception

EMA hosts a reception after the Emerging Markets Forum to give attendees the opportunity to meet one another in an informal environment and build relationships. There will be 150-200 attendees and speakers at the Forum, from industry, government, academia and NGOs.

Doing Business Abroad

This event is intended to introduce the MBA community to career opportunities in different regions of the world. We will host a panel of 3-to-4 alumni who work internationally - from across the marketing, consulting and finance industries.

International Alumni Speaker

We will invite international alumni of the Smith school to call in and speak about their experiences in a lunch and learn setting.

EMA Smith Student Speaker Event

International students from the Smith MBA program will discuss doing business in their home countries, their previous experiences, and how they got here.

Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club)


We are the go-to resource for MBA students who want to get more acquainted with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and offerings at Smith and the DC-area at large. We will encourage an environment where students are not afraid to be ambitious or take matters into their own hands when trying to accomplish something or drive change.

Board Members

Amit Puri, President
Juan Alvarado, Executive VP
Helen Zhang, VP of Finance
Mandar Kashikar, VP of External Relations
Nicholas Wiley, VP of External Relations
Varun Saxena, VP of Marketing & Communications

Signature Events

Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC)

Students team up to compete as venture capital firms researching, meeting with, and evaluating real world startups in need of investment capital. The winner of our competition here at Smith goes on to compete at regionals against top-ranked MBA programs for the chance to compete in the finals against schools from across the world.

Key Dates

October 1, 2018 – VCIC Info Session
November 12 & 14, 2018 – Venture Capital Bootcamps
November 16, 2018 – VCIC Competition @ Smith


Graduate Marketing Association

Graduate Marketing Association (GMA)


Our mission is to provide Smith MBA students with the tools and resources to sharpen their marketing skills in order to succeed in their marketing careers.

Board Members

Rumi Pena Rosales, President 
Mandar Kashikar, Executive VP & CIO 
Vivek Mehrotra, VP of Finance 
Kimberley Camps, VP of Marketing & Communications 
Tia Naveendran, VP of External Relations & Networking 
Jason Hutt, VP of Internal Relations & Career Development 
Patrick Wilson, VP of Cosponsored Events 

Signature Events

Super Bowl Advertising Analysis

The goal of this fun event will be to highlight the effect that advertisements have on brand recall. We will provide guidelines to current students to analyze the Super Bowl commercials and then ask some trivia questions. They will determine if the resources invested on the brands during this high traffic airtime justify the impact they have on their target market. The team with the most correct answers wins a small prize.

Marketing Alumni Panel

Highlighting the success of Smith MBA Alumni, this event allows for current students to interact with Smith alumni who currently work in the marketing industry. This is a great event to network and gain insight on the marketing industry as a whole.

Building Green Brands

GMA and Net Impact are pairing to change the perception that sustainability and being “green” come at the expense of profitability. This event will be an interactive “brand workshop” with a company, and we will examine how it can incorporate sustainable practices into its business and leverage them as part of its brand.

Healthcare Business Association

Healthcare Business Association (HBA)


Our mission is to create a collaborative and supportive environment for students interested in the business of healthcare. HBA will support fellow students in developing their portfolio for job applications and prepare for interviews with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

Board Members

Labdhi Seth, President 
Helen Zhang, VP of Finance