Board Members

Elliot Dickerson, President

Elliot is a second year MBA candidate focusing in Supply Chain and Operations Management. Originally from South Carolina, Elliot comes to Smith with a background in international grants management, having provided due diligence, risk-mitigation strategies, and grant advisory services to corporate clients. He is passionate about how corporations can positively impact their surrounding communities and is interested in sustainable supply chain systems. In his spare time, he enjoys an active leadership role in his undergraduate alumni chapter, backpacking around Asia, and maintaining freshwater aquariums.

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Porter Brockway, Executive Vice President

Porter Brockway is a second year MBA candidate focusing on Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics, and Consulting. An Ohio native, he moved to the DC area in 2012 to work in the government and nonprofit sectors. Porter is hoping to leverage is his past skills and experiences to transition into a supply chain role where he will encourage better resource management within companies and industries and push for better environmental policies. Outside of work and school, Porter enjoys playing recreational sports, such as football and dodgeball, traveling, cooking, and playing challenging board games.

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Greg Kilkus, VP of Finance

Gregory is a second year MBA candidate focusing on Strategy Consulting and Supply Chain. After graduating college in 2008 he decided to stay in DC and pursued a career in government contracts and grants. Greg is passionate about the outdoors and even climbed the infamous half dome in Yosemite last year.

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Carrie Willemin, VP of Marketing

Caroline “Carrie” Willemin is a second-year dual degree MBA and MSW candidate.  While pursuing her educational goals, she remains employed as the Chief Operating Officer for Green JobWorks, a staffing company located in Baltimore. Before entering the business sector, Carrie spent two years providing case management and counseling services both individually and in group settings. She hopes to combine her two passions, business and social work, to increase accessibility of employment opportunities for unemployed and underemployed populations.

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Rex You Wu, VP of Community Outreach

Rex is currently a Master of Science in Accounting candidate at Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland. He serves as the VP at Smith Master Student Association and was the chair for 2017 specialty masters orientation. He graduated from Rutgers Business School – New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Born and raised in China, Rex moved to the United States in 2011. During his life and study in America, Rex has found a way to adapt to American lifestyles while keeping his hometown culture as a badge of pride. Rex has internship experience in taxation, commercial banking, and venture capital. He aims to find employment in accounting. He also has a passion for fashion and hope one day can work in the fashion industry.

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Rosemary Lee, VP of Ally Relations

Rosemary Lee is a second year MBA candidate at the University of Maryland with industry experience in education and technology. In her current role at FBB Capital, she applies research expertise to equity analysis for a wealth management firm, where she focus on financials and industrials/materials. Rosemary is passionate about data’s power to drive insights, curious about the opportunities that lie in international and emerging markets, and committed to finance as strategic partner to businesses.

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Garrett Coffman, First Year Board

Garrett is a first-year MBA/MPP candidate specializing in consulting, management & leadership, and public sector financial management. He is interested in discovering how public-private partnerships can resolve the infrastructural issues that face us today. With a background in legal administration, consumer banking, and global logistics, Garrett plans to integrate optimization and strategic thinking into projects that can maximize a firm’s triple bottom line by benefitting the communities they inhabit. One day he will join Oprah, Beyoncé, and Michelle Obama on TIME’s 100 most influential people list.

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Tiffany Corpuz, First Year Board

Tiffany Corpuz is a first year MBA/MS in Supply Chain Management student. Tiffany received her Bachelor’s Degree at Syracuse University in Supply Chain Management and Finance. Tiffany is an avid Syracuse basketball fan and a sucker for cute dogs. Tiffany is excited to join SPA’s First Year Board and looks forward to contributing in a meaningful and positive way.


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Nick Edwards, First Year Board

Nick is a first year MBA candidate in the part-time program on the D.C. campus. Currently working as DECA’s Assistant Director of Corporate & External Affairs, Nick is responsible for developing and expanding partnerships with corporations, foundations, associations and individuals that share DECA’s passion for educating the next generation of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Outside of work and school, Nick enjoys being around the water, watching college basketball games and Netflix binges.

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Gustavo Garcia, First Year Board

Gustavo is a first year MBA.

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Matt Harrop, First Year Board

Matt is a first year MBA/Master in Real Estate Development dual degree candidate. After working in supply chain for 5.5 years at two global multi billion-dollar manufacturers, he has decided to take a risk and pursue his passion for real estate and community development. His passion lies at the intersection of public and private organizations when it comes to creating diverse communities. Matt‘s other interests include international travel, Penn State football, and whiskey Old Fashioned’s.

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Frances Jingshu Lyu, First Year Board

Frances is currently a Master of Science in Marketing Analytics candidate. She is interested in customer behaviors and is currently engaged in the research about the effectiveness of searching engines. She served as a volunteer for LGBTQ community in China for three years and once worked with UNICEF in her undergraduate program. She is passionate about classic movies and outdoors.
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