Club Leadership

2014-15 Leadership Team:

Swapna Arora, President

Thomas Luginbill, President (Part-time Student Representative)

Thomas Luginbill is an experienced visionary, serial entrepreneur, and founder of several businesses. A creative, out-of-the-box thinker, one of his key talents and strategies lies in discovering future niche trends. While in college, Thomas quickly realized that clean energy was the future of the power industry. Thomas founded Solair Systems, a solar contracting firm, immediately after graduating from his university studies. The success of Solair Systems allowed Thomas to branch out and start a number of successful for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Thomas holds a BS in Corporate Finance from the University of Delaware and volunteers as an alumni adviser to undergraduate students.

Deotima Gangopadhyay, Executive Vice President

Rodrigo Velasquez, Vice President Finance

Rodrigo Velasquez is a Clean Energy Entrepreneur with over 4 years of experience in the Latin American solar market, and has undertaken relevant roles in energy consulting at Smith including the World Bank’s Micro Grid project in Bangladesh and EcoEnergy Finance’s project in Pakistan. Over the summer he interned at ClearlyEnergy, where he led the integration of a solar component on the company’s platform.

Kristine Babick, Vice President Operations

Kallen Trachsel, Vice President Marketing

Kallen Trachsel is a UMD Smith MBA student with a focus on marketing and strategic management.  She recently completed a MBA Marketing Internship with Verizon Wireless where she worked with the Multicultural Department on Hispanic Segment targeted campaigns.  Prior to her MBA, Kallen served as a Legislative Analyst at Heather Podesta + Partners where she pushed forward client policy positions on the Hill.  Her interest in the energy field grew through her work with natural gas, coal, and uranium companies.  Kallen graduated from American University in 2010 with majors in International Studies and History.

Ashish Paul, Vice President Internal Relations

Brandon Burgess, Vice President External Relations