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Executive Board: Daniel Ford (President), Joe Okamoto (President), Muhammand Khan (VP of Finance), Lucia Xia (VP of External Affairs), and Sunghoon Huh (VP of Marketing)

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Club Description: Business leaders in the 21st century sit on the leading edge of an era of new technologies and policies that will radically alter the world’s relationship with energy. Understanding the fundamental drivers of energy supply and the effect these have on pricing, will have a profound impact on decisions that affect the long-term success of your future businesses.

With tremendous new government investment in alternative sources of energy, and a fundamental push to install renewable energy resources around the globe, the opportunity to invest in this space is unmeasured. We live in unprecedented times.

The Smith MBA Energy Association seeks to educate and provide context for this next generation of leaders. At the crossroads of government regulation and massive infrastructure investment, the DC region is unparalleled for the opportunity it provides.