Professional Organizations

There are many professional organizations that are associated with the Supply Chain and Operations Club, and most of them have student membership rates which go up significantly after graduation.

Joining these organizations as a student has the following benefits:

  • Low student membership fees or no fee

  • Membership networking and in some cases directories

  • Job postings and electronic resume entry

  • Most have publications which will give you some insights into current issues, the knowledge of which can assist in the interview process

MBAs are urged to get memberships taken care of before graduation as membership cost goes up after graduation.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

  • Student Dues $35 … and $295 after you graduate
    • Please find the application form here.

    An organization of several thousand logistics members

  • Student internships listed available ONLY to student members

  • Full Directory

  • Local Roundtables (chapters) in Washington and Baltimore for local networking:

APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) The Educational Society for Resource Management

  • Student Dues $25… and $200 plus local chapter dues after you graduate
    • Please find the application form here.

  • Has Certifications:
    • CPIM – Certified in Production and Inventory Management
    • CIRM – Certified in Integrated Resource Management
    • CFPIM – Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management

  • Extensive Resources, Books, Courses, etc.

  • Local chapter in Baltimore for networking
    • Baltimore Chapter Link:

Institute for Supply Management

  • Free Student and Academician Membership

  • Formerly National Association of Purchasing Managers

  • Certifications:
    • Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.)
    • Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.)

  • Local Washington-Baltimore chapter

National Defense Transportation Association

  • Student Dues $10 (included with LTSCM Society membership)… and $35 after you graduate

  • Local chapter in Washington for networking and with strong “Under 35 mentoring”

  • Local and National NDTA have been very supportive of Maryland students with scholarships (only available to student members) and career opportunities

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation (CILT)

  • International organization based in the UK with about 30,000 members worldwide

  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation North America has established student dues of $20 with details to be developed

American Society of Transportation and Logistics

  • Dues are $100, AND you can qualify for certification with transcript of your degree… see below

  • Certification Program of Five (5) exams and a paper…

  • HOWEVER, upon graduation with a major in LTSCM you can get a waiver for the exams and the paper, pay the $100 and be certified… Well worth doing… Graduating MBAs, please note!

Transportation Research Forum

  • Student Dues $30… and $120 after you graduate

  • Orientation towards government, policy and economics

  • Strong Washington, DC chapter

Transportation Research Board (of the National Academies)

  • Strong research that has been focused heavily on highway and engineering

  • BUT… has recently reorganized to set up a new division for transportation modes

  • Very good location to build the future of public-private solutions for transportation and logistics

  • Very large annual meeting every January in Washington, DC

Delta Nu Alpha Transportation

  • Has been strong in the past; still exists and gives out scholarship(s).