Fall 2015 Events

  • SAWMBA Social: Redline, Washington, DC – Friday, August 28, 5pm-8pm
  • Personal Brand Workshop: Tuesday, September 22, 6pm-8pm
  • Get Confident: Spirits: Tuesday, November 17, 6-8pm
  • DC Networking: Friday, November 20, 5pm-8pm MOVING TO A DIFFERENT DATE (TBD January/February)
  • SAWMBA sponsored Thursday Social: Thursday, December 10, 6-8pm


Spring 2016 Events

  • DC Networking: January/February, exact date and time TBD
  • Community Service @ CASA de Maryland: Saturday, February 6, time TBD
  • Get Confident: Poker & Gambling: Thursday, February 11, time TBD
  • Get Confident: Sports: February, exact date and time TBD
  • Unconscious Bias Workshop: February, exact date and time TBD
  • Bouncing Back from Failure: March, exact data and time TBD
  • SAWMBA Executive Roundtable: Friday, April 1, exact time TBD
  • Get Confident: Golf: April, exact date and time TBD