2016 – 2017 Officers

Nina Silverstein


Nina is a second year MBA student at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, focusing on social entrepreneurship, marketing, and strategy. Prior to business school, Nina graduated from the University of Michigan and went on to teach kindergarten and first grade in Baltimore City for three years as a Teach For America Corps Member, while also pursuing her Masters of Science in Education at Johns Hopkins University. Currently, Nina works in the Dingman Center For Entrepreneurship’s Social Entrepreneurship office. She is passionate about for-profit social enterprises and mission-driven companies using business to initiate positive change. Nina also believes in consumer purchasing power to make an impact and is a big proponent of the one-for-one business model.

Emmy Robichaud


Emmy is a second year MBA student at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, focusing on Finance and Strategy. Emmy’s background is in education; most recently, she was a Teach for America Corps Member, teaching elementary and middle school math and reading in Baltimore City. She has also worked as a director of an after-school program for migrant youth and an ESL teacher in Ghana. At Smith, she is a Leadership Fellow, Dingman Center Angels Fellow, and member of the Mayer Fund. Emmy graduated from Centre College with a B.A in Government in 2009, and from Johns Hopkins University with a Masters in Educational Studies in 2013. In her free time Emmy enjoys reading, traveling, and all things outdoors.

Ariel Nathan


Ariel is a second year MBA/MPP student at the University of Maryland. Prior to school she spent three years in non-profits. She has worked with a variety of Baltimore City non-profits focused on both food and education justice. She also worked with the Planned Parenthood affiliate of Mohawk Hudson on development and millennial involvement. She is passionate about women’s rights, specifically education access for women and girls. Ariel spent her summer interning with the Corporate Relations team at Constellation energy working on employee engagement. Ariel has been a member of a rowing team for 12 years, and you can find her in a boat in Baltimore in the early mornings.

Alison Duncan

Alison Duncan is a second year MBA candidate focused on Entrepreneurship. She worked in Youth Leadership Development as a form of Social Justice before business school. She enrolled to learn properties of business to increase access to living wage jobs for all Americans. She graduated from Guilford College with a BA in English and Health Sciences. Her current role as VP of Community Service of Net Impact allows her to leverage the skills of her MBA class to help the community.

Andrew King
As a 2nd year part-time student, Andrew joined Net Impact to further his interest in social entrepreneurship. Over the last 8 years working with college students around the world, he has seen the heartache of the oppressed and underserved. Andrew came to the Smith School to learn how to start businesses that create products or services that help society, employ people with dignity, and benefit the community around them. Net Impact is his way of pursuing those passions while in school.

First Year Board Members:

Courtney Clonch


Courtney, a long time environmental steward, joined Net Impact to do what she can to help secure a prosperous and sustainable future.   Having grown up in a family steeped in energy management and coal, Courtney gained a heightened awareness of energy and developed an ethic of conservation and a passion for renewables.  Upon graduation, she wants to work in sustainability consulting or in the Sustainability division of a private sector company where she can help mitigate climate change through market based solutions.

Porter Brockway


Porter Brockway is a first-year MBA candidate focusing on Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics, and Consulting. An Ohio native, he moved to the DC area in 2012 to work in the government and nonprofit sectors. Porter is hoping to leverage is his past skills and experiences to transition into a supply chain role where he will encourage better resource management within companies and industries and push for better environmental policies. Porter’s past experiences include two years as an events coordinator and project manager for American Security Project, two years working for Senator Sherrod Brown in the U.S. Senate, and over four years as a transit supervisor at PARTA maintaining daily transportation of a busing company. Outside of work and school, Porter enjoys playing recreational sports, such as football and dodgeball, traveling, cooking, and playing challenging board games.

Elliot Dickerson

Elliot Dickerson is a first year MBA student focusing on general management and supply chain. Originally from South Carolina, he graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.A. in International Studies in 2012. Elliot comes to Smith with a background in international grants management, having provided due diligence and grant advisory services to corporate clients while employed at a DC area non-profit, Charities Aid Foundation America. Through Net Impact he hopes to learn more about sustainable supply chain systems.He is passionate about how corporations can support positive community development, and is eager to share his knowledge on non-profits with the MBA community.
Kelsey Jackson
Kelsey is a 1st year MBA student pursuing a dual MBA/MPP degree. While at Smith she will be focusing on social value creation/corporate sustainability on the business side and energy policy on the public policy side. She wanted to join net impact to learn more about career areas within the social value industry while meeting and interacting with more of her classmates. After school she would like to work in corporate sustainability helping companies to better utilize renewable energy technologies.