MBAA Finance Process

  1. All expense reimbursement forms must contain the following 3 components:
    • Cover Sheet – indicating event name, total expenses incurred, and preferred method of reimbursement
    • Event Form – clearly stating the name of the approved event, and itemized expenses.  Note that event names must match the relevant approved budget
    • Proof of payment.  Receipts are preferred, copies of receipts that are clearly legible are acceptable
  2. Expense reimbursement forms that are completed on behalf of club events must also have sign in sheets attached.  Socials do not require sign in sheets.
  3. Expense reimbursements must be filed within 30 days of expenses being incurred.
  4. Expenses will be reimbursed within a maximum of 2 weeks, barring an exceptional circumstance.  Note that Venmo caps the amount that can be sent in a given week
  5. From the MBAA’s perspective, the preferred method of reimbursement is check, followed by PayPal, followed by Venmo

Expense Reimbursement Process

  1. Complete the required Expense Reimbursement Forms as outlined above.
  2. Save the relevant forms to Dropbox (this will also be where approved budgets are)
  3. Print out hard copies of forms
  4. Submit them to the MBAA office

Questions surrounding this process can be directed to the VP of Finance email at: