IMBAA Resources

WetFeet web-based recruitement for the Smith Community.
Bloomberg provides a combination of data, analytics, and trading information for the financial world.
NY Times
The New York Times Job-Market Home.
Washington Post
The Washington Post Job-Market Home.
EuronetDC is a key organization for connecting European professionals and individuals with an interest in European culture and issues.
HR Gardens Finance and Banking.

Research Links

VBIC, University of Maryland
R.H.Smith electronic and print business research resources.
The Invaluable Hoovers Corporate Research Tool.
Banks & Associations
A list of Banks and Associations by the Smith Finance Department.
Careers in Finance
An introduction to the world of finance careers.
The Wall Street Journal
The Financial Newspaper.
Business Week
Your gateway to weekly business articles.
The premier online source for the analysis of world business and current affairs.
Financial Times
The International Financial Newspaper.
Journal of Finance
Financial Economics Publication.
CNN Money
Online Money Magazine.
Yahoo Finance
The never-duplicated Yahoo Finance!
Money Central
Microsoft’s MSN Money Web Resource.
Standard & Poor’s
High caliber tools and information for the financial community.
A leading global credit rating, research and risk analysis firm.
Fitch Ratings
Fitch provides high quality ratings and research to the capital markets.
Financial Management
International Association dedicated to Financial Theory, Research and Practice.
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
A Publisher of research in financial economics.