International MBA Association

Welcome to the International MBA Association!

The International MBA Association leverages the diversity of the Smith Community and seeks to improve students’ (domestic or international) cultural awareness through social and professional activities. The IMBAA also seeks to assist international students with their transition to America by providing information and organizing events to help them adapt to the American Culture.

Throughout the year, the club hosts events such as the Diwali Night, Career Treks, Alumni Dinner and Sports Workshops. All full-time and part-time students, international or not, are invited to these events and are welcome to join our mailing list to receive updates on events details.

                                         IMBAA Team for 2014-2015:


From left to right: Jeff (Fu-Chen) Wu, Shivani Mayani, Yiling Gan (Co-President), Lohitha Devireddy (Co-President), Prathmesh Gandhi, Aditya Agarwal