AMBAA Board Members


AMBAA Club Board  2016-2017

Co-President, Sunghoon Huh

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Sunghoon Huh is a second-year MBA student concentrating Marketing and Strategy. Before coming to Smith, Sunghoon worked for Samsung for five years in content marketing and service planning. He managed Smart TV for US, Latin America, South East Asia, and Oceania region working with various content providers in the World. He holds a B.A in International Commerce which makes him interested in global business. He loves to introduce Asian culture to the US and to build a harmony in cultural exchange. He also loves the Winter and enjoys skiing very much

Co-President, Shengnan Wang

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Hometown: Chengdu, China

Background: I have worked at financial sector for 7 years, with strong interest in investment service, corporate finance and risk management. I am now pursuing my second-year MBA with a focus on finance. I am a result-driven and highly-motivated person and always push myself out of comfort zone and drive excellence. As the president of AMBAA, I would like to bring my vision and commitment to build up a reliable and strong community.

VP of Finance, Rolland Setiawan

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Highly motivated, and dynamic professional with seven years of exposure in a banking industry with in-depth experience in mortgage and personal loan, marketing, operations, and human resources management. I have a dream to create a strong Smith MBA Alumni Network in Asia. With Asian open market in the future, our network will be priceless. We can help each other in business as well as in jobs opportunities. If you happen to develop your career in Asia, especially in Indonesia, keep me in touch.
VP of Event Management, Joe Okamoto

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Joe is a 2nd year MBA student mainly pursuing human resources at Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland. He was previously a human resources coordinator at The Kansai Electric Power Company, the second biggest electricity producing and supplying company in Japan. Joe has experience in engineer recruiting and talent management. As a recruiter, Joe recruited 306 prospective engineers in two years and assigned them 75 offices. He also managed 400 employees in one of the biggest front offices in the company, and helped them maintain and raise their motivations. Joe’s philosophy as a human resource officer is to respect the diversified background every person has, and he has sustained it. His internship was in US Lacrosse, overseeing the successful organizational structure and business model that can be applied to Japanese businesses. Joe will contribute to make the AMBAA much more diversified and attractive club.

VP of Programming, Zachary Feldmann

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Zach is a second year MBA candidate, focusing on marketing, and obtaining a dual degree Masters of Science-Marketing Analytics. Before Smith, he spend five years with the State of Maryland’s Office of the Secretary of State, working on international development projects for Maryland and coordinating the Sister States Program. During his undergraduate program, Zach lived and worked in Beijing, China for a year earning a degree in Political Science and Chinese Studies. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Born and raised in Maryland, one of his favorite activities is racing Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes on the Eastern Shore.

VP of External Relation, Mark Cheng-Han Yu


Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan.

Cheng Han Yu ( Mark ) is a second year MBA candidate at University of Maryland. Prior to his MBA, he was an auditor at KPMG and was a relationship manager in commercial bank, providing corporate banking solutions for Financial Institution clients. He is mainly pursuing finance expertise, especially at the realm of asset management and FX trading. To leverage MBA experience, Mark also engages in Smith experience. He is an analyst at Mayer fund and is proactively leaning different topics in business analytic and information system. Cheng Han have loved dancing since he was in senior high.

VP of Marketing and Communication, Jenny Chiawen Hwang